40% Welcome Bonus

– Real Account at TruvaFx to benefit from this campaign You must be an investor.

What are the Promotion Terms/Rules?

– The 40% Welcome Bonus amount is used to increase the margin amount in forex transactions, and withdrawals cannot be made. However, you can withdraw your profits by taking advantage of the bonus. In case of stop out after the bonus is transferred to the account;

- E.g; In the event that an investor who has made an investment of 1000 usd and received a 40% Welcome Bonus and a 400usd Welcome Bonus stops out, this amount is deducted from the investor's account when 400usd or less remains in his balance.

- The investor can initiate a withdrawal transaction within 30 working days, with the principal and bonus amount remaining in his account. Even if it is in profit or loss, the investor has the right to withdraw his capital at any time by abandoning the campaign.

– The initial funding amount in TruvaFx is at least 100 usd or its equivalent in TL.

– The maximum bonus amount you can get to take advantage of the welcome promotion is 5,000 USD.

– If the investor is found to have violated the rules (opening an extra account for himself, etc.) or cheated, his account in our company will be closed.

– TruvaFx reserves the right to change the terms related to this campaign or to terminate the campaign.

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