35% Account Transfer Bonus

Who can benefit from the campaign? All who have an account with any of the global TrovaFx affiliates customers can take advantage of this promotion.

What are the promotion conditions?

The Account Migration Promotion is 35% of the equity (assets) amount in the active forex account that will be transferred to TruvaFx from another brokerage house, all investors who will transfer their account to TruvaFx can only benefit from this campaign once.

To participate in the campaign, it is sufficient to make a request by contacting the Live Support Line from the official website of TruvaFx.

TruvaFx reserves the right to change the rules of this campaign or to terminate the campaign completely. It is the investor's own responsibility to follow the current rules of any campaign.

If it is determined that the investor has engaged in illegal activities or resorted to cheating, the membership of TruvaFx will be terminated without any excuse.

All campaigns in TruvaFx are calculated automatically by the system and there is no manual option. In this way, there is no possibility of an error occurring.

The maximum receivable bonus amount is $5,000.

How can I get the promotion?

After you have a real account, if you meet the necessary conditions, the bonus amounts you want to receive while making an investment from the user panel will be submitted to your approval. You can have your promotion defined automatically by choosing from the user panel.

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