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The privilege of investing in many of the world's leading companies is now at TruvaFX! refers to one of the equivalent parts of a company's capital. By purchasing stock of a company, you become one of the partners of that company. While investing in stocks, you should thoroughly research everything about the company's activities, indebtedness, growth expectations, profit status, dividend (profit share) amount, briefly. You can profit from stock investment by choosing companies that are successful, operating for many years and making profits.

You no longer have to limit your stock investments to domestic ones. With the assurance of TruvaFX, you can perform buying and selling transactions in the world's leading companies in various sectors, 5 days a week. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla etc. In this way, you can easily access world markets and buy and sell the stocks of international companies in the short, medium or long term.

Buying and selling the shares of certain companies is not always practical for individual investors. To trade a stock, you must invest up to its price for each stock you wish to buy, and your stockbroker may charge a commission each time you buy or sell the stock. CFDs, on the other hand, trade by margin amount, meaning you don't have to deposit the full price of the share to open a trade. Thus, share trading becomes more liquid, and you also gain the opportunity to buy and sell shares with the 1/10 leverage applied as per the CMB's latest communiqué.

Stocks traded on TruvaFX are in the CFD product group. Contract for Difference (CFD) or contracts for difference in Turkish; They are derivative instruments that allow only price expectations to be bought and sold without actually owning assets such as stocks, indices or commodities. A wide variety of assets, especially stocks, currency pairs, indices, commodities, bonds and bills, can be the source of CFD contracts, which are designed to make transactions more flexible and faster with less capital. In transactions with CFD contracts, the asset is not actually traded; Only the expected price of the asset is traded.

There are CFDs that are based on a future contract and expire at that time, as well as CFDs that are based on a spot asset with no maturity. Investors who have contracts for difference do not have personal rights such as voting rights of stockholders. Investors who have a long position (Buy position) in the index or contracts for difference written on a stock benefit from the dividend (Dividend) payments of the shares, even though they do not physically own the securities in the index or the single related stock. Dividend payments are reflected in the accounts as plus for investors with a long position (Buy position) and as minus for investors with a short position (Sell position).

Income, stamp or similar taxes or legal deductions may vary in international transactions, and tax liabilities that may arise within the scope of the legislation of the Exchange and/or the country of transaction are the responsibility of our customers. You can transmit your stock transactions in foreign exchanges quickly and reliably with our metatrader platform from anywhere via desktop or web applications.

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